Trans-Karoo Ceres to Sutherland

And before you know it you are back sitting at your desk counting the days to the end of April…….

Welcome to 2014 everyone and here’s to a bumper year to all of you and to many happy hours of cycling.

Believe it or not we are already at the end of January which leaves under 3 months until the start of the 2014 Trans Karoo – the second up ride.

The folks at the Jupiter Guesthouse and Restaurant tell us that Sutherland is already preparing for the onslaught of mountain bikes and have promised a festive finish line for 2014.

Here are the basics:

Distance :  240km
Time : 17 Hours
Date : 26 April 2014
Start : Ceres
Finish : Sutherland

Solos / Teams / Tandems

Bus service available for Cape Town to Ceres and from Sutherland to Cape Town.


2014 Trans Karoo Tip:
After the noise and hectic activity of the festive season a quiet and peaceful break in the karoo is highly recommended.

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