Blesfontein Guest Farm (Unit 5 and 6)

Blesfontein Guest Farm offers various self-catering accommodation options. Situated in the beautiful Roggeveld, near the Visrivier (Fish River), Blesfontein boasts a farm experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but is still close enough for visitors to spend some time in Sutherland. Enjoy scenic drives and viewpoints all in close range from our farm.

Let your children meet and touch a wide variety of farm animals like ponies, cows, chicken, dwarf goats, bottle fed lambs, ostriches, donkeys, miniature pigs, rabbits, peacocks, geese and ducks.
The tame farmyard animals are harmless and friendly. Although all the animals are fed regularly you are allowed to feed them at any time of the day.

On Blesfontein you may see Blesbok, Gemsbok, Springbok, Duiker, Steenbok, Grey Rheebuck, Zebra and Black Wildebeest.
Several smaller species like the African Wild cat, Lynx, Mongoose, Porcupine, Black back jackal and the Skunk occur on the farm. We have seen more than 30 bird species and several reptiles. 

In the cement reservoir next to the Poplar trees down the hill we have 10 big Koi Fish and several smaller Koi Fish.  You are allowed to feed them special Koi Fish pellets (In a bottle hidden under a bush near the dam) and PLEASE only about 20 pellets at a time. 

The tame farmyard animals are harmless and friendly. Although all the animals are fed regularly you are allowed to feed them at any time of the day. We sell buckets of animal food @ R 10 each. 
We have a colorful herd of horses – Appaloosa and SA Standard Boerperd – on the farm. We breed, train and sell Appaloosas.  Game viewing on horseback, as well as Pony Rides for small kids can be done every day, as long as the weather allows it.

We also have a small Alpaca herd.  They are the beginning of our new eco-friendly predator control program as Alpacas are known to join sheep herds and protect them from the jackal and the lynx. 
We rent out our 4X4 @ R 150/ trip to visitors to go on a game drive to the escarpment. (as our 4X4 is rather old, we do not rent it out for trips outside our own boundaries). You are also welcome to use your own vehicle, at no additional cost, on any of our farm roads. 

Also, view the colourful displays of wildflowers in Spring!

Our accommodation includes the following:

5. The Calves Stable
The Calves Stable is a self-catering unit suitable for a couple and one child. This building used to be the stable where calves were kept at night – away from their mothers (next door) to prevent them from drinking all the milk. During the day they were left out with their mothers to drink as much milk as they wished. The room has a double bed, a bathroom with shower and Fire place/inside braai. The unit also has its own kitchen.  You will enjoy a beautiful view from the bedroom.

6. The Hay Stable 
This is a self-catering unit for family of four. The hay stable used to be where the hammer mill minced the hay and Lucerne for the cattle to eat. 
The unit consists of a living room with a single bed, a bedroom with double and single bed and a bathroom with shower.
The unit also has its own kitchen and a fire place.
You will enjoy a lovely view from kitchen and patio.


R380 pp

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