A journey to new life

I have been quiet for such a long time, I thought it proper to share my story of our latest addition to our family – and my journey to new beginnings, new life.

Two thousand and eleven has been one of the most confusing years I’ve had in a while! The year started out with the wonderful news that our dreams of having our first baby would be coming true. But on my way to my first Doctor’s visit, to establish when this little one would arrive, I received a phone call that shocked me into a traumatised state. After witnessing a murder, my husband and his brother were being shot at and running around on their farm, with two of our dear friends (we thought) chasing after them. Not knowing where they were, whether they were okay and what exactly happened, I turned around from Worcester and drove back to Sutherland at a dangerous speed.

Luckily they escaped unscathed (physically), but we still had two weeks of hell as we hid in our houses, scared our ‘friends’ would come and find us in town. Until today, we can still not explain or understand what went through their minds as they killed and attempted to murder my husband, his brother and other police officers. It will remain a mystery.

We were also in the process of buying our house, and just before the shooting, the previous owner came to collect his furniture. This left us with no cupboards and almost no curtains – which put us at square one, at ‘just moved in’ mode.

But not to bore you with the rest of the year, I need to add that I ended up managing our coffee shop alone as my partner decided to tackle a new venture. This meant I had to learn (very quickly), how to bake all the biscuits, cook soup, make pie fillings, make pie dough, cater, and lets not talk about the 200 cupcakes I had to bake! It was an interesting experience, but I quickly learnt that this was not what I would like to do with the rest of my life.

And then, after the busy season and just as I got used to my big bump, our little one decided to arive early. It was the day before I was to go to Cape Town (four weeks before my due date), to stay with my sister so I could be close to hospital for our baby’s arrival. I woke up and my water had broken – this was it. I was in shock, my husband was in the Karoo (no phones) and I felt completely overwhelmed with the situation. Sure, I could have the baby in Sutherland, but our hospital/clinic has no doctors, so if anything went wrong it would be a problem. They would have to chase me to Calvinia – on a very poor dirt road. SO we threw in everything we could (my sister in-law stayed over so she could help me) and my mother in-law drove me to Worcester. We checked in at Worcester, but they were very fully booked and advised me that I still had time to drive to my own doctor in Milnerton. SO once again, we took all my things and got in the bakkie – off to Milnerton. At this stage, my focus was just getting past the tunnel on the other side of Worcester and not getting stuck in traffic.

By now I was definitely in full labour, but could still explain how to get to the hospital. And what a relief when we finally arrived! Nothing seems to happen without drama! At 17:20 our little baby boy was born and he was and still is, the most beautiful person I have ever seen!

It is now 10 weeks later, almost 11 weeks, and I am settling into being a mother. What a life changing experience! And my journey truely was something to write about. So I hope you can forgive me for being so quiet through it all – the baking, growing a tummy, running around in our coffeeshop and bringing new life into this world have kept me a little busier than I intended!

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